About Us

About Us

Thanks for tuning into “ARS,” your friendly, cost-competitive, complete automotive repair service. I’m Max Reed, the owner. I’ve been in the automotive field for over thirty years and have owned and operated both mechanical and collision service shops. You can rely on my experience to deal with everyday basic maintenance automotive issues and to utilize the latest diagnostic equipment for more complex problems.

My team members are veterans in the industry, and we are committed to providing you with the best care possible, whatever your automotive needs are – from maintenance to major repairs.

The key to a healthy car lies in preventive maintenance and regular checkups. We’ll spend the extra time to look things over and perform all the services needed. We go beyond the basic oil change to do a complete inspection. Far too often, we replaced transmissions that weren’t serviced correctly, or rotors and calipers because too much time passed between brake pads. The cost of a thorough routine service with a trusted mechanic is money well spent in the long run.

We would love to be your source for reliable, preventative care. Come be a part of the “ARS” family – where we truly appreciate your business!


We are a licensed vehicle transporter, so we’re your one-stop shop if your car is disabled.
We’ll arrive quickly and transport your vehicle back to ARS for a reasonable rate.


Complete brake jobs: replace brake pads and brake shoes, turn rotors and drums in-house, bleed brakes and perform brake fluid changes.


Diagnostics and repairs, oil and filter changes, tune ups, coil pack replacement, timing belt and chain replacements, engine and cylinder head replacements.


Shocks, struts and strut bearing replacement, control arm replacement, CV axle replacement and U-joint replacement.

We are here to help with your transportation and repair needs.